Chala Black Forest

The first barefoot sandal without a toe post, perfect for every hike. With clever lateral strap guide, leather with court proof of origin & available in two different widths.

It is "the sandal" from the Black Forest. Everything is clearly understandable for us and especially for you. We are very happy to be able to offer you barefoot sandals in this great quality. The BF 2.0 Premium is already the improved update variant, which does not require any toe posts or buttons. The new flap concept, completely without buttons, has simply prevailed. By updating to 2.0, we don't lose any lateral width on the sandal and the overall foot fit is much better. The wide or slim straps on the side keep your feet on the sandal perfectly, and the straps also help to improve stability without slipping. The special thing, the fine leather, is collected by us from small farms in Freiburg and the surrounding area (you can read more about it here from now on). The first batch (600 pairs) have already been sold. The amount of leather varies greatly and is therefore only available in limited quantities, but with a small replenishment we can continue to offer the model until spring 2023. These are sandals that give your feet the greatest possible toe freedom, it couldn't be better or more airy. They are suitable for the whole summer, the Premium also for the fall. Whether in everyday life, at work or for a leisurely walk, it can even be used for demanding hikes and runs thanks to the easily adjustable Velcro heel. It's the first sandal that's really a great companion in autumn or on colder days, because you can wear it with socks. The new Classic BF are like our well-known and popular Huarache Classic's sandals, but they are powerfully refined and upgraded, with high-quality button laces and an embossed leather label. Last but not least, with this particularly limited model, we are offering two different widths for the first time, for slim and wide feet. The Black Forest Edition is delivered in the usual high quality including wax finish and organic cotton gym bag.

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The best tough touring companion, with the greatest possible freedom for your feet





4.5mm - 9.3mm thick 2-layer or 3-layer sandal

The new Black Forest collection is available as a two-layer and three-layer sole. Once as a classic 2-layer sole with fine self-collected Hof leather footbed plus our usual Vibram® natural rubber crepe sole (with 4.5mm sole thickness) and as an extremely shock-absorbing 3-layer variant with Poron XRD intermediate layer and the collected Hof leather Footbed (with 9.3mm sole thickness). Both sole types are glued under perfectly even atmospheric pressure with solvent-free, water-based glue. This ensures optimal flexibility of the sole, is much more sustainable, is excellent for barefoot wear and significantly increases the adhesive performance. In addition, it significantly reduces possible rejects and production errors. The result is a particularly high-quality, limited new side-strap sandal that matches the material and is also available in two different widths. Many customers have asked us again and again over the past few years whether this is possible? From now on it is possible and you can adjust the soles even better to your individual feet. The undersole profile of the Classic BF models is made of Vibram® natural rubber crepe and the Premium models are made of the usual Vibram Mega-Gripp profile. For the special court leather, we recommend regular care with a leather balm or wax. If the court leather is regularly waxed, it will develop a wonderful patina over time and the sandal will remain beautiful and preserved for a long time. Our sandals come with a wax finish.

Finest soft leather footbed from the region with proof of origin

The leather for the footbed was collected by us. It is particularly rare and of high quality because we know exactly where it comes from. We have often visited the small farms ourselves and been able to see the animal husbandry in detail. Many of the farms are organic or Demeter certified and have been working in close cooperation with nature, animals and people for years. The amount of leather varies greatly and is therefore only available in limited quantities

With a useful lateral strap guide made from old fishing nets or button laces

The BF Premium 2.0 models are now equipped with a wide lateral strap guide. This encloses the foot exactly where it is needed, you don't lose any width through the straps, and they also help to keep the foot even better on the sandals. It doesn't bother you and doesn't push you. Even with hallux it is very comfortable, as the straps begin below the big toe joint and do not affect the toes at all. The special inelastic 20mm webbing consists of Econyl® yarn. Econyl® is made from recycled fishing nets, old carpets, textile remnants and plastic waste, making it 100% sustainable. We also refine it on the heel with a taped-on reflector strip. The tape is 100% Made in Germany and ÖKOTEX 100 certified. Thanks to the easily adjustable, reflective heel Velcro and Fixlock buckle, the entire system buckle made of Econyl® can be tightened in no time and optimally adjusted to your feet. All Classic BF models are delivered with high-quality and long-lasting button laces and leather embossed labels. Our Classic models didn't have that either.

Handmade and regional

Like all our products, the Black Forest collection is also lovingly manufactured in our production facility in Freiburg. It is a very elaborate sandal, where specially collected fur from small farms in the Freiburg region is used. These sandals are designed to last for a particularly long time, with regular care they can also be resoled and last about 6-10 years. Because they fulfill an extremely important function with bravura, giving your feet and toes the greatest possible freedom. Almost all raw materials are sourced exclusively from the Black Forest