Chala Evo

It is here, the new EVO 5.0, the ultimate racing Huarache sandal with a system strap and many major improvements.

Finally available, the new premium EVO 5.0, from 2020 all three models will be brand new and greatly improved. The black vegan model Evo 5.0 XRD (with shock absorbing Poron layer) with a thickness of 7,8mm. The beautiful Leather Ocker Evo 5.0 XRD (with shock absorbing Poron layer) with a thickness of 9mm and the minimalist model Evo Light Shadow (without shock absorbing Poron layer) with a thickness of 5,7mm. All models are being handmade in our manufactory in Germany and are equipped with our high- quality straps. For the upper layer you can chose between the vegan Anti-slip imitation leather or the robust Antique leather. The delivery takes place in a very high quality organic cotton gym bag.

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  • SW10002

Our absolute flagship and the running advancement


5,7mm, 7,8mm or 9,0mm – 2 or 3 layered strong sandals

Compared to the old model (EVO 4.0), almost a completely new sandal has been created here. To name just the most important changes, she has received a specially developed, more robust Chala button. The entire gluing process has been changed, now gluing is carried out with water-based solvent-free glue under perfect even atmospheric pressure. This creates optimal flexibility of the sole, is much more sustainable, the adhesive performance is significantly increased and clearly reduces rejects and possible wrong productions. You can chose from two different materials for the upper layer. Our proven vegan Anti-slip imitation leather (with the models Chala EO 5.0 XRD & Chala EVO Light) and our hiqh-quality Antique leather (with the model Chala EVO 5.0 XRD Leather). All materials for the upper layer are extremely robust and designed for use under harsh conditions. With the new Vibram Grip sole you get a better hold in the terrain because of its zig-zag profile which offers better grip. The real innovation is the thin layer of Poron XRD which is a material with remarkable properties. Even though it is only 2mm thick it absorbs strong shocks and is therefore ideally suited for the use in a hard terrain without dampening your barefoot feeling.

Maximum Anti-slip performance

The sporty colour combination of the black Anti-slip imitation leather or the decent brown colour ofthe leather in combination with the bright yellow Poron layer underneath it highlights the demand our Chala Evo stands for: Maximum performance and unrestricted running pleasure for all barefoot runners. If you would like a more decent version then we recommend our minimalistic Light model.

Strap for a secure fit

The newly developed strap with the new ultra robust button ties your foot more securely to your sandal so that you can even go through more challenging terrain with heavy luggage. To avoid dangerous situations and for a better visibility we equipped the straps of the XRD 5.0 models with reflector bands which charge during the day and shine brightly through the night. For the Light model we chose a plain rubberized strap. All models are equipped with a robust rubber-band on the heel which you can adjust for the perfect fit to your feet. This way you can easily and quickly slip-in and slip-out.

No fear of the wetlands

To ensure that your Chala sandals have an extended longevity even under wet, muddy and challenging conditions we adjusted our glue mixture accordingly. We made it a lot stronger to ensure that all the layers stick together even under the harshest of conditions. This way you can be sure that your Chala sandals are going to be your reliable companion and get you through the toughest of your trips.