Chala Groups

What is Chala-Groups? This is an exclusive circle of people testing our sandals. We want to use this circle to have our members test new models, try out new products and features, find mistakes as soon as possible and in the long run improve our sandals. Each of our members tests their sandals under harsh conditions. We want to stay in close contact with our members and want to hear what you have to say about our sandals. We´d like to talk regularly with you and get to know if you have any important tips or improvement ideas for our models and naturally we´re happy about any photos you can send us. Once you are a member of our circle you have certain privileges. You get up to 4 pairs of sandals each season for free, you get an exclusive tour around our shop & group and you get the possibility to directly contact our product development department and our product facility. Our spots are limited to a maximum number of 12 at the moment. It is important for us to cover many different areas and reach different groups of people to get a number of many different feedback and improvement ideas.