ÚNICO - One shoe for everything

It's finally here, the Único. Our specially developed individual premium barefoot shoe made in our factory in Freiburg

One shoe for everything! With the Único you have combined performance, creativity and comfort in one barefoot shoe. He is by your side for every occasion: be it at work, for a hike or even for sports. Accordingly, the Único is a shoe for yourself and for you. Ùnico can be put together individually. You can decide how Único should look like for you. Color, upper and sole - you choose. A unique shoe for you that ensures a stylish appearance. A shoe that fits your unique foot. Big, small, narrow or wide. With Único we don't want to limit ourselves or you and want to meet your individual needs.



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One shoe for everything in absolute premium quality


Pure barefoot feeling

Único not only shines in its appearance but also in its comfort. Through the use of innovative technologies and the selection of high-quality materials from the region, we offer your foot the best comfort and the best barefoot feeling, in which your foot is completely free and not constricted. The shoe is flexible, but stable. Thanks to our special cross lacing, your feet get a stable hold around the instep during intensive sports activities. (Picture with laces)

Shoe with grip

Único is reliable footwear, especially in changing and wet weather. The Vibram sole offers maximum grip, especially on wet surfaces, without compromising. We can also resole it at any time if it is worn out.

New technologies and materials - high performance outer fabric

We use a high-quality inner material in the shoe that offers the highest level of comfort and freedom for the feet during physical exertion. The foot always stays dry because the sweat is transported to the outside. Poron - protection for the feet and joints. Nothing is too bad for único and you, that's why we use the innovative material called Poron®. A waterproof material with great properties that benefit único. Poron is comfortable, flexible and light and is able to absorb 90% of the energy and dissipate it, so the body or the foot is protected and increases the performance of the runner. Piñatex, on the other hand, is of course vegan and made from pineapple fibers. The new Único made of fine piñatex is equipped with a very high quality organic cotton lining. This shoe can be worn wonderfully without socks in spring and summer. It is natural and vegan and available in beige and anthracite, a really great alternative to leather. This variant was indispensable for us, because sustainability is very important to us and we are also very happy to respond to your wishes. The shoe is just as comfortable and flexible as the other variant and makes our heart beat faster again. This shoe is definitely an eye-catcher and perfect for spring

Handmade and regional

Sustainability is a top priority for único. In order to make a positive contribution in this regard, we obtain a large part of our materials from the region and across Europe. This enables us to have a manageable supply chain and thereby reduce our Co2. By using our innovative adhesive process, we do not use aggressive adhesives and chemicals. Accordingly, we use a water-based adhesive that is created from a natural base. This adhesive is harmlessly similar to wood glue, it is applied very briskly in a modern vacuum spraying process and processed further over a longer oven process under extremely high atmospheric pressure.