ÚNICO - One shoe for everything

It's finally here, the Único. Our specially developed individual premium barefoot shoe made in our factory in Freiburg

One shoe for everything and everyone! With the Único you have combined performance, creativity and comfort in one barefoot shoe. It accompanies you on every occasion and in every season, be it at work, on a hike or for sports, in spring, summer or winter. So the Único is a shoe for you and for you. It can be put together individually. You decide how Único should look for you. Color, upper and sole - you choose. A unique shoe for you that ensures a stylish appearance. A shoe that fits your unique foot. Big, small, narrow or wide. With Único we don't want to restrict ourselves and you, but rather meet your individual needs. Would you like to find out more details about the manufacture in Freiburg, the materials and the elaborate manufacturing process? Then take a look here.

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One shoe for everything, in absolute premium quality





High performance outer fabrics can be individually designed

Our idea has always been to make a shoe that is suitable for every use. The result was Único - a shoe for everything. You can put this shoe together individually: the sole area, the colors and the upper materials. We currently offer five high-quality outer fabrics. 1. OUTER FABRIC: Is the water-repellent EtyDry, made from fine 100% recycled organic cotton. EtaDry is a functional cotton fabric. Extra long staple fibers are spun and twisted with a special softness and then woven in the highest possible density. The result is a dense all-weather fabric with natural properties and maximum comfort. EtaDry is rainproof, absolutely windproof and equipped with a breathability that can only be achieved with natural materials. EtaDry is 100% PFC-free and incredibly robust thanks to long-fibre organic cotton. 2. OUTER FABRIC: This is the fine, soft Black Forest® leather we collect, which comes from the region and is processed by us with farm certificates of origin. It is particularly rare and of high quality because we know exactly where it comes from. We have often visited the small farms ourselves and been able to see the animal husbandry in detail. Many of the farms are organic or Demeter certified and have been working in close cooperation with nature, animals and people for years. This leather is limited and is enough for 250 shoes per year. 3. OUTER FABRIC: Consists of fine, water-repellent Hydro calfskin suede, which is made by a small tannery in Germany. Hydrovelour is waterproof, easy-care, quick-drying and breathable. Water simply rolls off, dirt doesn't settle and color abrasion is minimal. The fine suede leather is of course tanned purely with plants. Both leather shoe variants are made for heavy use, they can be worn all year round and are made of full leather, i.e. made entirely of leather. The inner lining is made of very fine and soft goatskin, vegetable tanned, from Baden-Württemberg. With appropriate care and resoling, we give the leather shoes a durability of 15 years or longer - a nice and above all very sustainable idea. 4. OUTER FABRIC: Made of OnDura®, a vegan high-tech fabric with high-strength fibers that offer the highest abrasion resistance and maximum breathability. It is seldom used for the shoe sector because it is expensive and such high breakage standards are not needed. Usually cheaper 3D mesh outer fabrics are used. Our fabric is very light and can be water repellent. It can successfully withstand friction and fracture tests that would be unusual and unthinkable for other types of fabrics or natural fibers. This is how the most demanding standards are met. Best of all: the fabric is ÖKO-Tex 100 certified. We give the vegan Ondura® shoe a shelf life of at least 6-8 years with regular cleaning (e.g. with a vegetable brush) and resoling - that's pure sustainability. 5. OUTER FABRIC: Is made from naturally vegan Piñatex, which is obtained from pineapple leaves, which are mostly considered leftover and waste products. It is a natural product: sustainably produced and absolutely free of animal components. It's strong, versatile, breathable, soft, lightweight, flexible and easy to print, sew and cut. It is almost 100% percent biodegradable. The new Único made of fine Piñatex is equipped with a very high-quality organic cotton inner lining. This completely vegan shoe can be worn casually without socks in spring and summer. A compelling alternative to leather, available in beige and black. This variant was important to us because sustainability is important to us and we are happy to respond to your wishes. The shoe is just as comfortable and flexible as the other variant, definitely an eye-catcher and perfect for spring. Piñatex needs careful care, regular waxing will give it a beautiful patina and make it last longer. We give the Piñatex shoe a durability of 3-5 years with regular care and resoling. 6. UPPER FABRIC: Is the world's first sustainable vegan organic material made from nopal cactus, also known as prickly pear, is produced in Mexico on a ranch in the state of Zacatecas. Available in a variety of colors, thicknesses and textures, it exceeds industry requirements. The cactus leather is harvested every 6-8 months, with no irrigation system, only rainwater and earth minerals present. The selected cacti are hardy and easy to harvest. Our tests with this special material show greater robustness compared to other vegan materials such as: Piñatex. It smells good, feels great and has a great feel, and the closed surface makes it completely water-repellent, similar to smooth leather.

Excellent thermals and a dry foot feeling

In addition, there is a high-quality insole that can be removed if required or exchanged for a warmer wool insole when it is cold. The high-quality double Poron XRD is also used here. The combination of the Poron XRD bulge and the Poron XRD insole ideally cushions rough bumps, especially off-road, absorbs energy and protects your foot from blunt injuries. This strong combination is recommended for our Único Standard for running off-road or hiking. If you want even more barefoot feeling, you can remove the insole or replace it with a warmer wool insole in winter. We also use our special perforated ONSTEAM outer fabric. This fabric is unique, it reacts to moisture like blotting paper, pulls out all moisture within seconds and transports it to the outside via the outer fabric. This not only protects the foot from heavy impacts and odor, but also comfortably and dryly on the go at all times.

Pure barefoot feeling with an elaborate sole structure

Único convinces not only with its appearance but also with its comfort. We go to the trouble of building the sole ourselves, which is very laborious. Almost all shoe manufacturers today use an injection molded sole that is simply glued on or injected. Such soles are often not resoleable, the shoes are thrown away early. We, on the other hand, deliberately make more effort and hand-cut a natural rubber frame from fine crepe rubber, which strengthens the toe area and also protects the outer fabric. This edge of the sole is sewn very carefully at the edge, so the sole cannot detach from the edge (by the way, the most well-known complaint about shoes). That's not all, all of our shoes are then carefully balled with our high-quality Poron XRD and only at the very end are the thin soles of your choice put on. There are currently five different sole types to choose from. The Vibram® Megagrip Trail & Gelände, with a sole thickness of 5.2mm, which is ideal for all sporting activities, but is also ideal for intensive running ambitions. It grips extremely well in wet and slippery terrain and is also made for demanding lead climbing in the mountains. The second sole is the popular and well-known Vibram® Newflex Sport & everyday, with a sole thickness of 5.0 mm. It is the "jack of all trades" and ideal for everyday sporting use, also because it has a good profile. The third sole is the Vibram® ECO Crepe sole, with a sole thickness of 3.8mm. It is extremely durable and suitable for everyday use. At home, in the office, with the child on the playground or for walks, the ECO sole is ideal. The fourth sole is the Vibram® Berlin Edition, already known from our Classic Berlin Edition and a thin compact rubber sole. It's pretty thin, with a sole thickness of just 2.0mm, and is great for everyday urban life. However, if you want the thinnest, most flexible and most barefoot feeling, you can reach for our 1.8mm thick Astral natural rubber crepe sole. It is suitable for intensive nature walks, but also very easy to wear in everyday life. All five sole types can be resoled again, if desired even with a different sole that was once on it. You can find out more information about the individual sole types in our sole wiki.

Handmade and regional

Sustainability is the top priority for Único. That is why we source a large part of our materials from the region. This enables us to have a manageable supply chain and a reduction in Co2. Our innovative bonding process also dispenses with aggressive adhesives and chemicals. We use a water-based glue. This adhesive is harmless, similar to wood glue, it is applied very sparingly in a modern vacuum spraying process and further processed in a longer oven process under extremely high atmospheric pressure.