Chala Antique

Are noble leather barefoot sandals, with a sophisticated and easily adjustable leather lace lacing system. They are the perfect companion in everyday life, in the city and accompany you everywhere.

Small revision also for our model Antique for 2020. Handmade in Germany this sandal is manufactured from 2 layers which have a thickness of only 6,2mm. For the upper material we´re using a high quality Antique leather, which comes from organic farms in southwest Germany. The delivery takes place in a very high quality organic cotton gym bag.

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  • SW10012

High-quality antique leather for excellent comfort



6,2mm Sole thickness, 2 high quality layers

The Antique also got a facelift and was of course equipped with our specially developed, much more robust Chala button. For the upper material we chose a robust and water repellent Antique leather because it gives your sandal a beautiful leather look and it is durable. You have more grip in the terrain because of the natural rubber Vibram® ECO Crep sole (with recycled natural rubber) which is ideal and makes your sandal even more durable through its high content of natural rubber. Generally speaking you walk the best on leather because it hinders sweating, reduces smells and at the same time it offers your feet the best wearing comfort.

Great wearing comfort through high quality leather

This sandal is a great fit even for fashionable occasions. The plain colour combination of the light brown Antique leather with its natural look together with the high quality rubber sole make it suitable for almost any outfit and gives you a wonderful look, plain design and a great barefoot feeling

Our leather laces for optimal secure fit on your feet, easily adjustable

The robust leather laces hold your foot in the optimal position on your sandal. Simply slip in and pull back the leather piece. Quick tip: as the leather laces can stretch minimally over time, simply open the knots and adjust the length of the laces when necessary to ensure the right fit.

Ideal for your daily life and the city

This Chala Antique is manufactured with our waterbased glue, this means that no solvents are being used. This benefits you as there is not the strong chemical smell which is typical for most sandals from other manufacturers. Your sandals smell like they should smell: like organic leather The soles are flexible and give you a firm grip. The wear-resistant natural rubber sole has a long durability and offers you the optimal grip even on wet surfaces. For an increased lifespan and a beautiful look of your sandal we recommend that you regularly treat it with a care balm.