The ultra-comfortable and chic slip-on barefoot sandal. It is made for short distances and combines high-quality shoemaking and tailoring from our manufactory in Freiburg

We wanted to create an exquisite sandal in which you can quickly slip-in and slip-out – and now finally it is here, our new Chalette. It´s perfect for your everyday use as you can wear it all summer long and even at home, like your more comfortable pair of house shoes. We offer 2 different models: the absolutely water-resistant and shower-friendly Chalette with our reliable and well-known EVO 5.0 XRD sole and the finest imitation leather strap or as the 100% vegan model made from the sustainable Pinatex material. Both models are equipped with a black or copper colored metal buckle which is a stylish accessory and eye catcher. As well as the rest of our Chala sandals, our new Chalette comes with the new and more robust button which is set into the sole for increased durability. It is glued with our new gluing process with an even atmospheric press power and our water based and soluble-free glue. The robust and broad strap can be adjusted while wearing your Chalette for the ultimate wearing comfort. You might think that you´ll have to use your toes to cling to this sandal to avoid losing it but we can assure you that this won´t be the case as the strap has been engineered and designed to ensure a secure and comfortable fit to avoid just this problem. The strap gives you a more secure hold and can be readjusted for the more sporty use and then sits almost like a sandal with a heel strap. We deliver your Chalette in a high quality organic cotton gymnastics bag. 

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Ultra-comfortable, for the casual everyday use, holidays and at home.



7,5 - 7,8mm strong 3 layered sandal

We offer the Chalette with 2 different 3 layered soles. Once with a high quality and natural cork middle-layer (2mm) with a Pinatex foot bed or as an extreme shock absorbing variation with a Poron XRD middle-layer (2mm) and an anti-slip imitation leather foot bed (100% water-resistant). Both sole variations are being glued together by using a gluing process with an even atmospheric press power and water based and soluble-free glue. This ensures the optimal flexibility, makes it more sustainable, increases its gluing properties and reduces the number of defective sandals by a substantial margin. This way we´re able to produce a high quality slip-in slip-out sandal which finally meets the high demand and our own high quality standards. The Pinatex model comes with a sole made from ECO Vibram natural rubber Crepe and the water-resistant EVO 5.0 XRD model with our usual Vibram Mega-Grip Profile. For the Pinatex foot bed we recommend the regular treatment with a leather care balm or a wax. When you treat your natural Pinatex material regularly it gets a great Patina and the sandal keeps its beautiful look and the sandal stays as beautiful as it is in the beginning. Our sandals always receive a wax finish before we send them to you.

Slip-resistant and water-resistant or fine and chic

The plain and natural look of our high quality Pinatex slip- in sandal is a real eye catcher. Our own demand was to create a vegan sandal product which is made almost entirely from natural materials, is biodegradable and equals our leather sandals in terms of wearing comfort, longevity and sustainability. The sporty and water-resistant model with our popular EVO sole prevents slipping, even in wet conditions. She gives you a great hold and can be cleaned anytime and can be worn in the shower.

No cliginging with your toes through perfect strap construction

The broad strap made either from fine Pinatex material or robust and waterresistant imitation leather encloses your feet exactly where necessary. It fits perfectly on all feet even with a flat or high instep and can easily be adjusted while being worn. Both models are equipped with either a black or copper colored metal buckle which is a chic accessory. You might think that you have to cling to this sandal with your toes but we can assure you that this is not the case because the strap gives you a secure hold and can be readjusted for the use in sporty conditions and then sits as secure and comfortable as a sandal with heelstrap on your foot.

Regular care treatment is necessary

We recommend a regular care treatment of your Chalette, especially the model made from Pinatex because by doing so it stays as beautiful as it is and gets a great Patina. We treat our sandal with a wax finish before sending them to you. We recommend to treat the material regularly with a natural care wax, like a bee-wax even though it might not be a suitable choice for most vegans.