Send all returns to:

Gretzmeier & Dickmann GbR
Böcklerstraße 11
79110 Freiburg / Germany

Within Germany:

DHL has a fee for Cash-on-Delivery of 2€ which totals the costs for delivery to 6,90€

Standard Shipping:

5,95 Euro

Within the EU and Switzerland:

15,90 Euro
No Cash-on-Delivery

Outside of the EU:

25,95 Euro
No Cash-on-Delivery 

General information for returns

*With our right of return of 28 days you have enough time to wait for the arrival of your order, to try on each model and to compare them with another so that you can decide in the end which ones you´re going to keep or return.

 *We don´t refund the shipping costs for returns, that´s why we´d like to make sure you order the right sandal model and the right size so if you have any questions or are unsure please contact us per mail:

*Only for shipping within Germany we´re able to provide you with a 5€ return label which insures your return – the 5€ fee will be subtracted from your refund.  

*You want to receive new shoes and that´s why we can only accept your return when the shoes are still in new condition. Please try on your shoes only inside on clean and smooth surfaces. Don´t try them on rough concrete or asphalt.  

*If the shoes in your return are dirty or have been worn outside we´ll try to clean them. If we can manage to clean them we´re going to subtract a cleaning fee of 5€ from your refund. If we´re unable to clean the shoes, then we´re unable to sell them anymore and therefore can´t accept your return. In this case we´ll send the shoes back to you – This has only happened in some extreme cases so far.  

*When the shoes can´t be cleaned we´re unable to accept your return  

*Customized sandals can´t be returned at all because they have been customized to the shape of your feet and can´t be sold to anyone else, but they offer the best wearing comfort and the best fit on your feet.  

*Please return your sandals in the fabric bag you get them in, if this bag is missing we´re going to subtract its cost of 5€ from your refund. You can keep the bag at no cost if you keep at least one pair of our sandals. In this case simply return the other sandals in a package.  

*Please put the filled out return paper in your the return package so that we know how to handle your return.  

*We refund the price for your order the same way you paid for it

Information for the change in a different size (only within Germany)

*If the price for your order is above 49€ we you can exchange your shoes in a different size if they don´t fit (only to German addresses) . Simply order the right size through our online shop and return the wrong size.  

*We pay the shipping costs for your new order and you pay the costs for the return.

*If the size of your initial order isn´t the right one you can contact us via mail:, we´ll then make sure we know which size would fit you the best or if you need customized sandals. If you want to try it on your own we recommend that you order the sandal in different sizes, try them on, keep the ones that fit and return the other ones.  

*Even if in the end not a single pair of our sandals fit and you send return all of them you only pay for the shipping costs for the return – we refund the initial shipping fee and the cost for the shoes – return all in one package to avoid paying the shipping costs multiple times.

Waren zurück aus dem Ausland/Returns from abroad/retour de l´étranger

* Waren aus dem Ausland müssen auf eigene Kosten zurückgeschickt werden.
* Unfortunately we can´t provide a shipping label for a return from abroad and we don´t refund the the shipping fee.
* Malheuresement nous n´avons pas la possibilité de vous envoyer une étiquette de retour pour ou de vous remourser pour le frai de renvoie de votre commande.

Complaints and Repairs

*If your shoes are improperly manufactured or the material is damaged you can tell us so even after your right of return of 28 days has expired  

*Please start with contacting our customer service for a first estimation –  

*In case of a valid complaint you can simply send us your sandals, we´ll provide a return label via mail (only possible for within Germany, if you´re outside of Germany you´ll have to organize the return and we´re going to refund the shipping costs). If your complaint isn´t valid we´re going to treat it as a repair for which we´re not going to refund the shipping costs. We can only tell accurately if your shoes can be treated as a complaint or a repair once we have seen them in our manufactory in Freiburg. In the case that your sandals don´t fall into the complaint category they´re going to be treated as a repair, in that case we´re going to ask for your permission before repairing them. Oftentimes the issues are minor and we can quickly repair them at no charge  

*Our complaint and repair process can in total take up to 2-3 weeks without the the delivery time

Send your complaints to:

Gretzmeier & Dickmann GbR
Böcklerstraße 11
79110 Freiburg
Phonel: +49 761 88795787

Delivery time

We ship your offer as soon as we get your order and have produced it, generally that is within 2- 6 days. Depending on the season and a high number of orders the delivery times can be extended. You can see the actual delivery times for each model on its product site. With DHL Go Green you´re getting fast and environmental friendly shipping. When the carrier can´t find you at home he´s going to deposit your package at the nearest post office. DHL delivers on Saturdays. Do you live close to Freiburg or Berlin? Then you can simply pick up your order in our stores, have all your questions answered and have your sandal adjusted for the perfect fit on your feet. Our stores are eager to deliver their best service and are happy to welcome you. Of course you don´t pay for delivery when you pick up your order but if you want you can get a coffee in our store instead.