Chala EVO Kids

Perfectly developed, the popular children's sandal for all children from 1 year with a smart cotton system-strap

Big update for the new Chala EVO Kid's. Here, too, we have continued to develop vigorously, so from this year the side flap has been reinforced with a fine anti-slip synthetic leather, for the toe band we have installed a minimally thicker and more tear-resistant braided band and the important button is brand new and much more stable. Our children's sandal is particularly suitable for the entire leisure day of the little ones, whether in the forest, on the meadows, in the water or in the mud, our waterproof model with its comfortable cotton strap can be worn everywhere. Here you can see the features: exceptionally comfortable cotton straps (designed specifically for small feet), non-slip Vibram Megagrip sole, exceptionally good protection on rocky surfaces, extremely lightweight and waterproof they fit in every pocket and can be taken anywhere. Easy slip-in and slip-out strap, recommended for children starting from 1 year of age or as soon as they start doing their first steps. The delivery takes place in a very high quality organic cotton gym bag.

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The new barefoot sandal for children from the age of 1 year old with a reliable and comfortable cotton strap.



5,7mm 2 strong layers with rubberized Anti-slip imitation leather for a secure grip with small feet

Great development at all levels with our popular EVO Kid's. The new, specially made, more stable button is also installed here, it requires significantly less milling space, so it fits much better into the punched sole and minimizes the risk of breakage under heavy loads. The entire gluing process has been changed, now gluing is carried out with water-based solvent-free glue under perfect even atmospheric pressure. This creates optimal flexibility of the sole, is much more sustainable, the adhesive performance is significantly increased and clearly reduces rejects and possible wrong productions. Our new Evo Kid´s model is available in 10 different colour versions. The sole is made of hig- quality Vibram grip profile sole which together with our Anti-slip imitation leather prevent that your children´s small feet slip and give a secure fit.

Reliable Anti-slip performance

The fresh colours in combination with the black Anti-slip imitation leather highlight the sporty ambitions of your children and it doesn´t matter if they wear them in the forest, on the meadows, in the water or in the mud. The new Chala Evo Kid´s is everywhere at home. We recommend that you simply hold your Chalas under luke warm water to rinse them off. You can chose your Evo Kid´s model to either look plain or very colourful.

Finally with high-quality straps made from soft cotton, it doesn´t get more comfortable than that.

With our huge selection of different colours you will find the right coice for your children. The new models from 2020 have been reinforced on the side flap with a fine non-slip synthetic leather, in the toe band we have installed a minimally thicker and more tear-resistant braided band. The improved cotton straps have been specifically designed for your children because they offer a secure grip and hold their feet safely on the sandal. We even tried it with very small feet (size 22) with a child that had just had started walking. There was no rubbing between the toes because of the soft toeband which provided a great wearing comfort thanks to the cotton strap. The final verdict tells us that our Evo Kid´s model works perfectly for all children and oftentimes they even don´t want to take them off anymore. We have been asked for this model for a long time and now finally they are available, our high-quality and comfortable Chala Evo Kid´s.

For all who want to go through water

Almost every child is fascinated by water, you could almost say that they are magically attracted to it. And the same holds true for our Evo Kid´s sandals which at the same time protect your children´s small feet from the danger of slipping. Especially when the surface is covered in moss or it´s just slippery. Of course they go easily through every kind of bad weather and can be worn everyday (usually from march to november).