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Small introduction to the plant tannins
The production of leather with vegetable tanning agents was already known in antiquity, as numerous finds from the time of the ancient Egyptians, Greeks and Romans prove. There is a great deal of plant tannins, one distinguishes here in the tannin class, tanning agents with condensed tannins and tanning agents with local importance. Known vegetable tannins are, the oak bark, the spruce bark, the willow bark, the hemlock bark, the mimosa bark, the mangrove bark, the maletto bark, the oak wood and chestnut wood, although these are no longer used today due to their low tannin content. The most well-known tannin today comes from the South American Quebracho tree, here the tannin content is very high, the Quebracho is a renewable resource and is today imported throughout the world.
What kind of leather is processed by us?
Our leather belongs to the best there is. We would always be able to buy leather, which is much cheaper than ours. However, we want to offer by far the best quality leather. Also because we believe that our customers reward and remember this value in the longer term. Our leathers come from the region of Baden-Württemberg and are from a small tanner, which in old handcrafted his leather only vegetable tanned. A small part is still from the Allgäu, but especially the organic leather is lonely top and comes exclusively from certified farms. We process different types of leather, depending on the model and the desired strength and quality. For our Classic Thin models we use fine nubuck leather, which comes exclusively from Southern German cows, it is vegetable tanned and is grade 1a. For our Classic Dick, a special skin is used, which is slightly thicker, comes from the shoulder-neck area (not split), it is a very fine leather and comes from a small tannery (tradition for over 150 years). Our models Antique & EVO 4.0 XRD, have a very sturdy thick saddle leather, we often use it for bags or high quality furniture upholstery, tanned with the tannin from the Quebracho tree, feels almost like nubuck leather, as it has a fine strike direction , Among the highest quality and most expensive types of leather is our (Old Germany) organic leather, here the animals are allowed to age accordingly and are brought to slaughter after a good cow life, the skins come exclusively from organic certified farms.

All materials we use

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What is Piñatex?
Pinatex is the first vegan material made from all natural plant fibers (made from pineapple leaves that are a waste product) which comes close to all the properties of real leather. It is almost as robust as leather, it is extraordinary, extremely sustainably produced and absolutely 100% animal free, it is versatile, breathable, soft, lightweight, flexible and can easily be imprinted and be sown and cut extremely well. It is almost 100% biodegradable.r
Where does our sewing thread come from?
Often the paths are only very short, our high-quality sewing thread we get from a well-known manufacturer from Freiburg. The company Madeira yarns, she is practically a neighbor of us ;-). Here we also get, special yarn, but also special requests are considered. Our system buckles are sewn with Extra-Strong yarns, so the risk of tearing is a lot less.
What exactly is Poron XRD?
Poron XRD is a fine and special material that is only known to experts. There´s a lot to tell about this amazing material and its properties but we´re going to keep it short and simple. Poron XRD is a higher quality version of the cheap EVA that is being used as cushioning in all regular sports shoes. EVA is lighter but loses its shock absorbing properties after only a few months of wear and its structure collapses into itself. Also contrary to how EVA is being marketed it is not a shock absorbing material and doesn´t have shock absorbing properties quiet the contrary to be exact, it reflects the shock back to its origin which is your body. Poron XRD is way different it is more durable and robust so that you wouldn´t be able to damage it even when beating it with a hammer. Under load it gets compressed, takes up all the energy and reverts back into its original shape, only after 2-3 seconds it is restored back to its original shape. Because of the slow regeneration process it doesn´t reflect the shock back into your body and you walk much more comfortably. Additionally the quality is better and it is more robust. It doesn´t lose its shock absorbing properties as quickly as EVA but keeps its shock absorbing properties for years of daily use. Poron XRD is already very popular in the world of motocross sports and gets more and more popular in the shoe industry even though it is too expensive for many manufacturers. Its higher price is another reason why EVA is being used almost anywhere, but not in our products. We use the Poron XRD in 2 of our models the EVO 4.0 leather and vegan. If you want to see a live demonstration of the differences between our durable and long-lasting Poron XRD and the cheap EVA you can always come and visit us in one of our stores and see it with your own eyes.
Our anti-slip synthetic leather
Our non-slip synthetic leather is a heavy-duty textile fabric, but is industrially manufactured. It is antistatic and particularly tear-resistant, the rubber coating consists of synthetic and natural rubber mixture. It is pollutant-free and complies with the Oeko-Tex standard.