Chala Piñatex

Are the first vegan barefoot sandals made from natural pineapple fibers. It is already our second further development, with a system buckle made entirely of Piñatex or Button Laces system, in the finest manufactory quality and available in two widths.

We have been working on the new Piñatex Premim 1.0 for almost a year and a half, now it is finally here, delivery from January 2020. It is a completely new model, of course with a new robust button, a completely new strap construction, especially worked by our shoemaker and new adhesive process glued under perfect even atmospheric pressure with solvent-free water-based adhesive. Chala Pinatex changes everything because they are made from the first vegan material manufactured from plant fibers (Pineapple leaves, a waste material) which shares many of the desired properties of leather. It is robust, extraordinary, sustainably sourced and absolutely animal free, it is strong, versatile, breathable, soft, lightweight, flexible you can easily imprint it and it can be sown and cut well. The delivery takes place in a very high quality organic cotton gym bag.

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The naturally vegan Chala Piñatex



5,2-7,5mm strong 3 layered sandal

The biggest update, however, got our natural vegan Piñatex Premium 1.0 sandal. With the three-layer sole with high-quality cork intermediate layer, we have changed the entire gluing process. Glueing is now carried out under perfect, uniform atmospheric pressure using solvent-free, water-based adhesive. This creates optimal flexibility of the sole, is much more sustainable, the adhesive performance is significantly increased and clearly reduces rejects and possible wrong productions. This creates a completely high-quality, new Pinatex sandal, which finally comes close to our overall standards. You can chose your Pinatex sole in 2 versions. As Premium with a natural shock absorber (hiqh-quality 2mm thick cork) as a middle layer, Pinatex as upper layer and a recycled natural rubber ECO sole or as the Classic model with Pinatex upper layer and Vibram® natural rubber sole. We recommend the regular treatment of the upper material of your sustainable Pinatex with a care balm or a wax because when you wax your Pinatex regularly it gets a great patina and it keeps its great wearing comfort. Every Pinatex is delivered to you with a wax finish.

Great wearing comfort through the natural Pinatex material

The plain natural look of our high-quality Pinatex turns the sandal into a real eye catcher. Our demand to ourselves was to offer you a sustainable and vegan sandal which is almost entirely made of natural materials, is biodegradable and is equal in wearing comfort, longevity and sustainability to our leather sandals. With this innovative and durable material there are a lot of possibilities and for us the saying definitely came true “new materials for a new world”.

With straps or laces, both offer a secure fit

An entire new fine buckle construction has been created here, with elaborate sewing and sharpening technology, processed by our shoemaker. A special machine was purchased for this technology alone. As if that weren't enough, the new, more stable button, plus a new label and a completely different toe bridge are also processed here.The newly developed designed straps of the Premium 1.0 model are pleasantly firm, soft and very comfortable on your feet because we use the Pinatex material for the straps as well. The benefit of the new Classic Pinatex is that we produce it with an improved lace which is smoother in between your toes (rubberized) and has a rubber knot underneath the sole which gives you the benefit of having longer lasting laces which prevents that you have to change them more often than necessary.

Regular care is mandatory

We recommend you to treat your Chala Pinatex sandals regularly because they are going to last you longer and additionally they get a great looking patina. You get your new pair of sandals from us with their first wax finish. We recommend you to treat your sandals regularly with a natural care wax without additives. Bee wax is perfectly fine for you to use it even though it might not be an option for vegans.