Chala Alpini Kids

The first premium children's leather sandal for demanding terrain - also available vegan.

We developed the Alpini Kids children's barefoot sandal for a special reason - so that our children can also find a firm grip in the mountains. Available in 4 attractive colors, the Alpini Kids sandal offers robustness, adaptability and optimal adjustability. Children as young as 1.5 years old can slip in and out effortlessly thanks to the flexible heel rubber, which is also used in our tried and tested Evo Kids model. Whether on adventure and exploration tours in the mountains or in nature or on the playground, the side system buckles made of soft cotton offer children's feet good support. With highly effective and particularly abrasion-resistant Vibram® soles from the Megagrip series, our Alpini children's barefoot sandals as well as our Alpini sandals for adults have a so-called compact sole which is extremely non-slip even when wet. You can order the Alpini Kids in two versions, 100% vegan thanks to OnSteam® footbed material or with the finest goat leather from the region. We also offer custom-made options for individual needs. With the Alpini Kids, nothing stands in the way of a comfortable family trip to the mountains. Each pair comes in the usual high quality, complete with a wax finish and an organic cotton gym bag. 

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6.6 mm or 7 mm thick 2-layer sandal with Megagrip sole for perfect grip and optimal flexibility for small feet

Our Alpini Kids are available with a two-layer sole made of goat leather or vegan OnSteam® as the footbed material and a compact rubber sole from the Vibram® Megagrip series. It forms the perfect base and offers excellent support on demanding terrain for little feet. Here we have omitted the Poron XRD intermediate layer of the Alpini sandal for adults to ensure the flexibility of the sole in the small size. The vegan version of the children's sandals with OnSteam® material has a sole thickness of 6.6mm. The goatskin sandal is slightly thicker with a sole thickness of 7mm. The undersole profile from the Vibram® Megagrip series was specially developed for lead climbing on mountains, scrambling and climbing. When wet, it is particularly non-slip and sticks extremely well. With a little friction, the effect is even increased and it literally sticks to the surface. The aggressive profile perfectly supports your grip on terrain. The two-layer sole is glued with solvent-free, water-based adhesive under perfectly even atmospheric pressure. This ensures optimal flexibility of the sole, is much more sustainable, is excellent to wear, especially barefoot, and significantly increases the adhesive performance. It also significantly reduces possible rejects and incorrect production.

Longevity meets longevity - you're spoiled for choice - 100% vegan thanks to OnSteam® footbed material or made from the finest, regional goat leather

Goat leather is one of the thinnest and most robust leathers available. It is tear-resistant, fits children's feet perfectly and thus meets the requirements of an adventure tour at its finest. When things get really muddy, the vegan OnSteam® footbed material comes out on top. It is ideal for wet conditions, especially in heavy rain, mud, soggy ground, etc. The leather footbed, on the other hand, is a little more comfortable to wear; the high-quality leather in particular is very pleasant with direct skin and foot contact.

Optimally adjustable thanks to the newly developed cotton system buckle

Suitable for ages 1.5 years and up! Easy to slip in and out thanks to the flexible heel rubber and the extra non-fixed ankle strap. The sandals can be optimally adjusted to the foot with the special adhesive Velcro strap. The heel rubber also ensures a good grip on the foot and is at the same time soft and super comfortable. The Alpini Kids has no toe post or button technology. The 15mm wide system buckle made of soft cotton was specially developed by us, is particularly comfortable and optimally prevents it from slipping to the side or breaking out. The side straps also protect the toes from possible scraping injuries in alpine terrain. The side straps specially developed by us are equipped with OnSteam® cover for excellent wearing comfort.

Handmade and regional

Like all of our products, the Alpini Kids children's barefoot sandal is lovingly manufactured in our factory in Freiburg. It is a very complex product that requires many steps and sewing steps. The sandal goes through many hands until it is finally finished. The sandals are designed to last for a particularly long time; if they are very dirty, simply brush them off under the tap. Thanks to the innovative compact rubber sole, we give the sandal many years of durability. Because they fulfill one extremely important function perfectly: getting your loved ones' feet and toes safely through rough terrain. Almost all raw materials are sourced exclusively from southern Germany.