Jobs at Chala

We´re always looking for motivated people. Everyone writes about how great and beautiful his company is but oftentimes this just isn´t the truth. Many companies „pimp“ their open positions to the extreme where they show the most beautiful pictures of their workspace, where they tell about the unbelievable possibilities and the incredible atmosphere. But this is far from reality I´d like to stick with the truth instead. We´re a small company and we do honest and substantial work. Everyone helps everyone out. We try to solve problems as a team with all the difficulties that appear. Sometimes it´s hard work, you have to overcome the little struggles and sometimes it´s a bit more work than expected. But then on the other hand sometimes it´s incredibly beautiful and creative work that offers many possibilities to try things out. It´s clear that we´re a unique team with people from all walks of life and that we´re not that easy to categorize as a company. Just as different as all members of our team are so are also all our duties different from one another. There are far stretching possibilities from working in our manufactory in Freiburg or in the administration, working in logistics or directly one-on-one with the customer in one of our stores. We´re looking to hearing from in any way.

Customer Service (M/F)