Chala Kids

The first Huarache sandals for all children

The Chala Kids are perfect for the whole day, it doesn´t matter if it is to play, to wear in the kindergarden or in school. Your children can wear their sandals everywhere. Here are the unique features: extremely comfortable laces (120cm long), Anti-slip Vibram natural rubber sole, great wearing comfort, super lightweight and naturally they fit in every pocket and can easily be taken anywhere. Our Kids Chalas are indestructible, you only need to change the laces once they are worn off.

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The first Huarache sandals for all children



3,3mm strong 2 layered sandals (Classic model) or 6mm strong 2 layered sandal (Antique model)

You can chose from 2 different models for your Kids Chala. The Classic model with leather and hiqh-quality 2mm natural rubber sole or the Antique model with high-quality vegetable tanned Antique leather & Vibram recycled ECO sole.

Great wearing comfort through high stretch laces

You can simply spice up the plain look with a pair of colourful laces. Our idea behind this is: All children should be able to experience walking as close as possible to being barefoot during the hot summer months. How can we achieve in the easiest way? With a pair of sandals of course. Our sandals need no special care you only need to exchange the laces once in a while or tie a new knot under the sole once it´s rubbed off.

Tied the right way either with the classic lacing or the criss-cross lacing, the laces give a secure fit

The children´s laces are 0,5mm thick and have a comfortable feel when being worn. Their high stretch content prevent them from rubbing between your children´s toes and holds the foot securely on the sandal once you adjusted the lacing properly. The best about them is that you can change the laces quickly at any time and by doing so also change the colour. We recommend to take 1 or 2 pairs of extra laces for longer trips (20-80km) as the knot underneath the sole can be worn off more or less quickly depending on the walking style or the terrain your children are walking on.

They can get wet

Our Classic model aren´t influenced by bad weather and are perfect for everyday use (usually march-november). They can also become wet or you can clean them by using a wet rag. Only permanent exposure to flowing water is problematic and can cause damage.