Chala Evo 5.0

Is our flagship running barefoot sandal, tried and tested for many years and constantly improved, it has been the most popular sandal for years. Now available in two widths and with different footbeds and soles.

Available now, the Premium EVO 5.0 XRD, which has been expanded since 2023. The XRD stands for a unique Poron technology, which absorbs up to 90% of the impact force. The XRD technology is so successful with our sandals that it is also used in other models such as the Alpini or Black Forest Premium. There are now eight different versions of the EVO. It is a very sporty barefoot sandal that has been perfected over the years and is equipped with a sophisticated system buckle so that your foot always stays in place. All EVO sandals with the acronym XRD have a Poron 2mm midlayer only the Light is a slimmed down version, even more minimal and without the shock absorber. In total, we offer you three different great footbed materials and each material has its own justification. Firstly, the vegan anti-slip plastic, produced in Germany according to Öko-Tex 100, ideally suited for those who want or have to go through the water. The second material is the special antique leather from the Allgäu, it is extremely robust and durable and perfect for long tours and extreme hardships. And as the third and brand new, the own BF court leather, particularly soft and comfortable to wear, there is no better way to walk on sandals. The BF leather is mainly used in the new Megagrip variants. Also new is that we are offering the popular EVO, which has been tried and tested for years, in two different widths and sole types. So there is something for everyone, whether in everyday life or on your sporty holiday, the tour or hiking trip or even an extensive trail running session. With the EVO according to your desired configuration, nothing stands in the way of that. By the way, the exact sole thicknesses are below in the product description. All EVO sandals are lovingly made by hand in our factory in Freiburg. The delivery takes place in a very high-quality organic cotton gym bag.

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The very sporty running barefoot sandal, which has been perfected for years




5.7mm to 10.2mm thick 2 or 3 layer sandal

There are now eight different types of sandals, each with different sole thicknesses. We would like to show you these in detail here with all sole thicknesses, because we measured them precisely with calipers: Light Newflex 5.7mm, Light MEGAGRIP 6.8mm, XRD Leder Sw. Newflex 9.2mm, XRD Leather Sw. MEGAGRIP 9.7mm, XRD Leather Br. Newflex 9.4mm, XRD Leather Br. MEGAGRIP 10.2mm, XRD Vegan Newflex 7.8mm and XRD Vegan MEGAGRIP 8.5mm. Compared to the old model (EVO 4.0), almost a completely new sandal has been created here. To name just the most important changes, the Newflex models have a specially developed, much more robust Chala button with a diameter of 20mm, so nothing can tear out. A special Chala button with a diameter of 13mm was also developed for the MEGAGRIP models because of the deep profile. This has a slightly thinner button plate and can therefore be optimally built into the compact sole. The entire gluing process has been changed, now glued under perfectly even atmospheric pressure with water-based solvent-free glue. This creates optimal flexibility of the sole, is much more sustainable, the adhesive performance is significantly increased and clearly reduces rejects and possible production errors. There are now three different upper materials available for the footbed. Our proven vegan anti-slip imitation leather, which is produced for us in Munich according to ÖKO-Tex 100 and is used in the vegan & light models, the high-quality and somewhat stiffer antique leather from the Allgäu, which can be found in the brown leather model and our fine BF Hof leather, which we collect ourselves and have tanned at our friend's Renz tannery, it's particularly soft and wonderfully comfortable on the foot, that's what you'll find in the new black leather models. All outer fabrics are extremely robust and designed for tough off-road use.

Maximum Anti-slip performance

With the new sole selection, the Vibram® Newflex for sporty everyday life or the new Vibram® MEGAGRIP sole, you have even more grip in the terrain, which offers the best possible grip thanks to the self-cleaning and very deep triangular jagged profile. The real highlight, however, is the super-thin midsole made of Poron XRD, a material with impressive properties. Although it is only 2mm thin, it absorbs heavy impacts by up to 90% and is therefore ideal for hard surfaces without affecting the barefoot feeling in the slightest. The sporty color combination of the black anti-slip artificial leather, the fine black BF Hof leather or the subtle ocher tone from the Allgäu leather in combination with the poisonous yellow Poron midsole underlines the claim with which the Chala EVO 5.0 sandal is launched : Maximum performance and unlimited running pleasure for all barefoot runners! It can also be made even simpler with the minimal light models.

Strap for a secure fit

The system buckle, which is very pleasant on the skin and has been tried and tested over the years, with the new, ultra-robust 20mm and 13mm buttons, clamps your foot even more tightly to the sandal, so you can tackle even more demanding terrain even with luggage. For better visibility, the six XRD models are equipped with a reflective strip, which charges during the day and lights up at night. For the light variant, we have chosen a simple non-slip rubberized band. All models are equipped with a very robust elastic band in the heel area, which can be adjusted and scaled exactly to your foot. So you can slip in and out perfectly in a fast process with slip-in slip-off. For more extreme runners, especially on trails, the elastic band can be a disadvantage because it doesn't give the heel enough support. If you wish, we can also process the system buckle with a fixed strap instead of the heel rubber, so you have even more grip on the trails and routes beyond 25km. Write your wishes in the order comment...

Don't be afraid of wetlands & of course handmade and regional

In order to be able to guarantee high durability even in wet, muddy and difficult terrain, we use a much more robust adhesive for the Chala Evo 5.0, which even the most adverse environmental conditions cannot harm. So you can be sure that your Chala Evo 5.0 will survive long tours undamaged and is an absolutely reliable companion. Like all our products, the Chala Evo 5.0 is lovingly made in our factory in Freiburg. It is a very complex product, where many manual actions and sewing steps are necessary. The sandal often goes through everyone's hands until it is finally finished. These sandals are designed to last a long time, simply brush them off under the tap if they are very dirty. Thanks to the innovative compact rubber sole, we give the sandal many years of durability. Because they fulfill an extremely important function very well, bringing your feet and toes safely through the rough terrain. Almost all raw materials are sourced exclusively from southern Germany.