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For families and children in Ukraine!

We have decided to stop our long-standing Little Light Feed project for the time being... 

We are following the events in Ukraine with great disbelief and our thoughts are primarily with those affected and their families in Ukraine.⁠ ⁠As a small company from Freiburg, we have found a way to express our solidarity and sympathy from Freiburg, we want to and have to help.⁠ ⁠⁠ 

Extraordinary situations require extraordinary actions. Due to the terrible humanitarian situation in Ukraine, we at Chala® have decided to donate 50 cents from every product sold (sandals, overshoes or Únicos) to the "Aktion Deutschland Hilft" over the entire summer season 2022. Even though we are all under great economic pressure - Covid-19, higher living costs, increased wages, increased energy and production costs have made our business difficult for 2 years and until recently this was our biggest concern! But now it is nothing compared to the losses and the fears of the families who are suffering terribly from the consequences of this war - and we must help them quickly and directly! As in the last few years, we are trying to organize accommodation and jobs for refugees, especially in our factory in Freiburg. We assume that in the near future, days, weeks, months, the proportion of refugees will increase significantly, we are ready! 

Our donation is billed & transferred monthly. We ask all our friends, customers, partners and suppliers: help these people too and please participate with similar actions! Together we can do something good for these people in need - who need our help NOW. Thanks very much! All the best wishes from the entire Chala team and


* The third donation from the total sales from May was made in early June.

* The second donation from the total sales from April was made on May 2nd

* The first donation from the total sales from March was made on April 1st 

* The next campaign will take place at the start of the season in the Freiburg store, we are giving away all Chala models from the years 2016/17/18/19 for any donation from you. The collected donation pot also goes to the fast Ukraine help. (The action is planned around the end of April.)