Are overshoes that fit over many (barefoot) shoes. They are light, offer quick and effective protection against moisture, wind and cold, even in snow. Now available as Light, Pro Newflex or Pro Artic Grip variant.

All overshoes are highly water-repellent, insulate and warm very well and are particularly suitable for the five months in autumn and winter, when the weather is terrible. The fine, warming, highly functional, hydrophobic material with taped seams makes the OverShoes a perfect companion that also fits into any pocket. Cold, snow, rain and icy wind do not bother our overshoes. They fit over any shoe - trainers, sneakers, loafers with and without heels, even toe shoes. Our OverShoes are best adapted to barefoot shoes with a wide toe box. Ideal for everyone who wants to carry on wearing their beloved comfortable low shoes in winter. Of course, the combination with our Único shoe is perfect. In the meantime we have expanded the product range. So there are three strong variants, which differ significantly in each case. There is something for everyone here, depending on the intended use, stress and need. The OverShoe Light is the light entry-level variant, open at the bottom, which is often perfectly adequate for everyday things, on the bike, to school, to kindergarten or to work, when it rains or snows, when walking or with the dog outside. The area of ​​application of the Light variant can even be significantly expanded with the right accessories. If you want full protection, you can switch to our new Pro variants. Here the sole is closed at the bottom and all seams are sealed with waterproof tape. Here you can walk for hours through the heavy rain or mud, go sledging or skiing with the kids on the slopes, or go on a challenging tour in the countryside, the Pro variants do everything and offer the best protection against the cold and wet. They are available with the well-known Vibram® Newflex sole or the outstanding VIbram® Artic-Grip sole technology, which offers 100% reliable slip resistance, especially on ice and snow.

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Fast and very effective protection for your shoes & feet






Available in 3 variants as Light, Pro Newflex and Pro Artic Grip

1. Variant OverShoe Light: Perhaps you are wondering how an overshoe that is open at the bottom can be sealed? Well, that's possible with an excellent sole connection thanks to the elastic band and TPU system band. Thanks to the quality rubber band, the overshoe can be pulled perfectly to any edge of the sole via the smart Fixlock adjustment on the heel. The vault system band reinforces this effect again, especially in the vault area. This keeps water, dirt, wind and snow out for a long time. FYI: Shoes have the least wear in the arch, since there is hardly any stepping here and shoes usually have an upward arch towards the front and only come into contact with the ground when rolling. In the case of shoes with heels, there is no tread surface at all in the arch and our arch system strap is protected in this way. All points that come into contact with the ground have a robust rubberized TPU reinforcement, both in the toe cap and in the arch system strap, which can be bought as a cheap replacement part if it should wear out. 2 variant of the OverShoe Pro Newflex: Here the sole is completely closed, and all seams are sealed with waterproof tapes on the inside, so that no water can really get in. Additional insulation is provided by the 5mm thick Vibram® Newflex sole, which is finely glued down in the ball and toe area. We have known this type of sole for many years from some sandal models, it has proven itself very well and is completely sufficient for many requirements. 3 variant of the OverShoe Pro Artic Grip: But who wants the ultimate!? He definitely gets his money's worth with our new Pro Artic Grip variant. The product, like this, is something very special and definitely not to be found on the market in terms of the combination and cool fit. The Pro variants fit your shoes like a second skin and provide 100% protection for hours. The highlight of this variant is the high-tech sole technology of the Vibram® Artic Grip sole, which is very expensive to buy, but worth every "penny". We were able to test it ourselves on a large block of ice at a trade fair and were positively shocked that there are soles with which you can run on ice without slipping;-).

Warm, chic wool ankle warmers

Our fine sock top band as an ankle warmer is not only warm but also attractive. It can be pulled perfectly over or under any pair of pants, forming a kind of gaiter that warms ankles and calves. It's made from a merino wool blend so it's naturally water-repellent, keeping dirt out and letting water naturally bead up. The special thing about wool: it keeps you warm even when it's damp or wet and doesn't absorb odours. All OverShoes are water-resistant and windproof, mainly because of the warming, hydrophobic Lycra material. The highly water-repellent upper keeps rain, snow and cold off your feet for many hours. How is that possible? It's so tightly woven that even strong winds can't get through! We precisely seal each seam with waterproof tape, similar to shell clothing. The outer fabric is so well pre-treated that no moisture penetrates, even under water pressure. Our Overshoe® outer fabric does not need any membrane at all, which means your feet can still breathe and you do not stand in your own water for a long time.

Outstanding sole technology with Vibram® Artic Grip effect & the well-established Newflex sole

The Vibram® Artic Grip sole is a very innovative technology specifically designed for performance on wet ice. The unique polymer mixture paired with an advanced filler system and new processing technology make the sole so unique. The Vibram® Arctic Grip offers the highest performance, excellent quality and a longevity that is impressive. The Newflex sole is, so to speak, the "jack of all trades" and shows its strengths particularly off-road and in wet conditions. It has a 2mm deep zigzag wave profile and has a total thickness of 5mm, which is ideal for many activities, casual or everyday use.

Handmade, regional & also fits many shoe brands

Like all our products, the new Overshoe Pro are also lovingly manufactured in our production facility in Freiburg. It is a complex manufactured product with welded seams and made from technically highly developed materials, for which two machines were specially purchased. Because they have to fulfill an important function, namely protecting your feet from the cold and wet. Almost all raw materials are sourced from Germany, with the exception of one Spanish supplier, and all suppliers comply with the Öko-Tex 100 standard. By the way, we have tested the OverShoes on many shoe brands. They fit over many classic shoes. They fit particularly well on shoes with a wide toe box or wider cuts. Barefoot shoes always have a wide toe box, and OverShoes fit best here. We have tested it ourselves on almost all barefoot shoe brands. The OverShoes fit perfectly with the brands BElenka, Sole Runner, XEROshoes, Freet, Vivobarefoot, Saltic, Joe Nimble, Wildling Shoes, Groundies, Feelgrounds, and even with the Vibram Five Fingers. They even fit well with slim shoe brands like Leguano, Saguaro and Ballopshoes.