Ondura® Poron insole

Ondura® Poron insole

Suitable for every shoe. The high-tech insole is ideal for athletes, intensive loads or for long working days where you are on your feet all day.

This flexible, high-quality OnSteam®-Poron XRD insole can be easily pulled into any (barefoot) shoe. We offer the OnSteam® insole in two different widths for you, one for wide shoes and one for slimmer shoes. It is the standard insole of our Único shoe. It is a very high-performance insole, which is particularly suitable for off-road sports. The OnSteam® is a high-tech material that keeps the foot nice and dry and transports the moisture away like blotting paper. While the Poron XRD has excellent shock absorption, especially on long walks or a long day at work where you are on your feet all day. We recommend this high-tech insole in every shoe, especially if you are on the road for a long time and you shouldn't do without this walking comfort. The insole has a total thickness of 2.7mm. Material: 50% polymers, synthetics 50% Color: Black / Yellow

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