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Erstelle bei uns deine eigenen individuellen Barfuß-Sandalen! Wir bieten dir die Möglichkeit, Sandalen nach deinen Vorstellungen anzufertigen. Egal ob in Standardgröße oder als Maßanfertigung – wir stellen deine persönlichen Barfuß-Sandalen in Handarbeit in unserer Sandalen-Manufaktur in Freiburg her.

Here you can simply assemble your own chalas after your liking. You can get them in the regular sizes or for an improved wearing comfort have them customized to the individual shape of your feet.We will manufacture your individual sandals carefully by hand in our sandal manufactory in Freiburg (close to the Black Forest) after receiving your order.

You can trust us that all materials we use for your sandal come locally from the region Baden-Württemberg in the southwest of Germany except for our sustainable water based glue and the high-quality natural rubber soles which come from close-by Italy. Don´t miss out on the incredible wearing comfort you get from your own customized sandals and assemble them now entirely to your liking..

3 possibilities 3 x your personal chala

Choose your sole type

Choose your footbed material

Choose the type of processing

Choose your lace color

Choose your size or do you want a made to measure?

Your individually customized Chala - Instructions

When you want to order your individually customized Chalas simply send us your dimension sheet with the outlining of your feet via Fax, an E-mail or via post and we will start make your individually customized Chala sandals.

  1. Download the dimension sheet
  2. Note your name and order number on your sheet
  3. Draw the outlining of your feet on the sheet
  4. Draw a point in between your big and second toe at the base of your foot
  5. Draw a line of 5cm and label it to allow us the right scaling for printing
  6. Take a picture or a scan of your sheet and send it to us:
  7. Or Fax to +49 (0) 761 769 984 70 Or via post to our address Engesserstr. 3 79108 Freiburg

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