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We´re looking for partners for our successful concept!

Dare yourself, it´s definitely worth it

Many people are looking for more freedom in planning, trust and true independence. I could write these words and tell you how great self-employment in our free enterprise economy is but as always there´s two sides to the story. Sometimes it´s exhausting, you have to invest and sometimes even risk something. But there are also these beautiful sides to it, when you´re able to follow your own ideas and let them grow, mature and flourish through your own engagement – especially when your own ideas turn out to work.

It´s the biggest pool of opportunities where you´re going to face everything, big challenges, unbelievable business practices and greed for profit. But on the contrary there is also the possibility to choose your own actions and the many possibilities to create new things and to do it differently and better than the others. We experienced all sides of this enterprise in the last 12 years and grew with the opportunities

Open your own store in your city!

* You understand our products
* Good ideas, engagement and a feeling for your customers
* entrepreneur-like thinking and taking action
* Great local networking
* Experience in retail
* Starting capital

Our successful concept is truly unique and very special, we don´t sell any regular product. Through our own experience by running our stores we know what it takes to keep a store like this running with passion. You need a deep understanding of your product, especially our handmade sandals, many good ideas, a lot of engagement, a feeling for your customers, entrepreneur-like thinking and acting. A store is always only as good as the people that work in it and keep it running. This is exactly where we want to start with as we believe that a store can become very successful when you have the right partners, a broad network in your own city where you know many people and have experience in retail, that want to engage themselves passionately into going step by step into the entrepreneurial independence and also have the starting capital to do so. That sounds like you? Then we´d be glad to contact us.

Take on one of our opened stores!

* Work profitable instantly
* Partnership or leasing model possible
* Lead your completely own store
* Big margins possible in the trade relationship for our handmade Chala sandals
* Getting-to-know phase with the leasing model and the follow-up option of buying the store is possible
* Stores with many loyal and regular customers For over 10 years we´re now running our well known store in Freiburg.

We moved it 2 times to a new location, had many expansions and changes during this time. After such a long time we are well known within the industry and also in the area as we were able to broaden our customers basis well over the boarders into France and Switzerland. Our store in Freiburg is our absolute leader and well-established store so far. 2016 we opened our store in the capital city Berlin in  the district called “Prenzlauer Berg”. With a revenue growth in the double digit percentages for every year since its opening 3 years ago we´re well on our way to close in to the success of our store in Freiburg. Especially the demand for our sought after handmade Chala sandals shows the high potential this store offers for future growth as there is a large number of people living in Berlin that belong to our typical customers.

Are you looking for a change of careers? Do you want to go back to the roots with unique products and by working with humans? Do you have the entrepreneurial spirit and the necessary starting capital? Then you´ve find the right opportunity with us. We could imagine to start a strong partnership with you if you want to choose the leasing model or to have you operate the store completely on your own with a favorable trading agreement that guarantees you high profit margins for our handmade Chala sandals. You can also start with a 1 year getting-to-know phase on the leasing option and have the choice to buy the store after that time if you want to.

You want to try it out? Then simply contact us.

Operate your own mobile Chala-store!

* Not bound to a single location
* Cheap parking space fees
* Low outside the main season
* Cost sparing and efficient furnishing of the mobile store
* Simple and successful means of marketing
* Possibility to choose between a leasing option or to operate it independently on your own
* Perfect choice for you when you want to invest a lower starting capital

How can you get our great handmade sandals the most efficiently into the big cities with many customers? With our practical mobile Chala store concept as it gives you many advantages and benefits. You can get directly to all our online customers in the big cities and sell our product a lot better by offering competent consultation, have them try on different sandals models and tailor them to their feet for the perfect fit. You´re not bound to a single location and can simply switch it (almost like a foodtruck), in the main season (April-September) it´s easily possible for you to make a lot of revenue and only pay a small parking fee at the same time and outside the main season the mobile store costs you almost nothing. We´re furnishing our mobile stores according to our cost-efficient concept and place them all around Germany in the big cities. The marketing opportunities for our mobile store concept are enormously high and draws already a lot of attention just by the look of itself.

Do you have a parking space or know someone that has one to offer in your city? Do you know someone who can offer a space and wants to rent it out? Do you want to follow your own entrepreneurial dreams and operate your own mobile Chala store or want to lease it with a fair and favorable profit margin for yourself with our handmade Chala sandals? You don´t want to spend a high starting capital in the beginning? Then this is the right choice for you

What we offer

* License for selling a unique brand which had a strong growth in all of the past years.
* A uniquely handmade product from Freiburg.
* Quick and simple ordering of our sandals to avoid going out of stock with any of our topsellers.
* The possibility to operate your own store in your own city.
* The possibility to run an already established store an start making profits instantly.
* Start with on a small budget with our special mobile store concept.
* High interest for our product throughout the whole country and across the borders.
* An Introduction and explanation into what goes into the production of our sandals as well as deeper insights into our manufactory in Freiburg. 
* Cross-regional advertising and a strong presence through our online-marketing.

We support you

* Joint buying process, exact seasonal amounts of sandals, sandals commission goods.
* Close exchange between you and our manufactory, also special orders.
* Further development and the branding of Chala
* Consultation and support with your first successful marketing measures.
* You get our direct contact information into our manufactory.
* The search for optimal parking locations (for the mobile store concept)

We plan together

* First orientation and support with the initial revenue and cost plans.
* Support with your budget and liquidity plans
* With building and furnishing your own store or custom changes to your mobile store
* You get our full support for your store or mobile store opening
* If you want to promote anything we´re going to support you
* Design our brand together with us by bringing in your own ideas, your experience in sales and the exchange with your customers are valuable to us Our interest

The demand for more stores following our unique concept is enormous as many of our customers regularly ask when we plan on opening a store in their city. I became a parent together with my girlfriend Anna last year and since then many priorities have shifted to be honest with you, our family planning isn´t finished yet. But we want to grow our brand and try to satisfy the demand of our customers. How can you fit your family and your career into your life? I guess that´s part of the gigantic tasks that many parents have to face. We think that by offering the possibility of a partnership with you we´re getting the best out of it for you, for ourselves and for our customers and can further grow our brand. We want to especially focus on our sandal manufactory in Freiburg and the administration that is located there as well. This needs a lot of care as the building of a brand like Chala uses up a lot of resources. The elaborate designing of our sandals starting with the design following the manufacturing process until we get the final product is unbelievably time consuming, as well as other endeavors like our plans to create our own soles made from 100% natural rubber require a lot of knowledge and know-how. From now on you have the possibility to become a strong partner of ours by choosing one of the options we´re offering. Find the one that suits you best an. We´re looking forward to get to know you better

Kind regards Anna & Armin