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Our newly opened factory outlet in our sandal manufactory in Freiburg

Our new factory outlet is situated directly in our sandal and shoe manufactory and opens on this Saturday the 6th of april 2019 at 10am. We were already working on it for weeks we were thinking and planning and have been able to finish building and furnishing it in the recent past. Last year´s initial idea to implement only a small sales desk, a shelve and a bench has been revoked a long time ago. As more time went by the more we had time to think and plan and this was beneficial to our end result as we massively improved upon our initial idea. That´s just how it is sometimes, some doors close and at the same time different doors open up which led in the past few days to the great end result we are able to share now.

How was it done and why at this location?

We´re located and work within a great business park with a lot of really creative businesses like for example the Kunzenhof20 which is famous in Freiburg and joined us here about 2 years ago. They offer a huge selection of antique furniture reaching from chairs, wardrobes, tables, shelves and many more specialties which you can´t find anywhere else in a regular store. We´re also joined here by the very creative Lichtlabor von Kai & Anne who work here and are well known across the borders to France and Switzerland as they created and realized many indoor design concepts. They are especially active in gastronomy which we are very thankful for as they helped to come up with many ideas and helped us to realize them in our factory outlet which would otherwise not have been possible.

What can you expect in our rustic factory outlet next to our manufactory in Freiburg?

Naturally you´ll be able to find our specialties here like exclusive sandal models that you can only find here and nowhere else like colours we don´t offer anymore and limited editions that many believe to be sold out by now. Our new factory outlet hides some real treasures that we were able to collect over the years and that we display in our factory outlet which make it kind of a history store as well as you can see the changes that we implemented into our manufacturing process.

Everything revolves around a huge central rack (almost like in the legumes section in the store) where you get to choose from 45 colorful trays which are filled with anything you can imagine: Many sandals in different colours that have never been taken into our regular selection of sandal models, prototypes and limited pieces as well as different kinds of leathers, rest cuts and pieces, our own waterbased and soluble-free glue in small containers, whole sole plates, custom made sandals and B stock with minor imperfections.

You can also find simple raw products for further use like split-leather, veal leather, smooth leather, organic leather, ready-made soles, many rubber soles and cuts of Pinatex. We have everything that a handicraft enthusiast needs for any project involving leather or rubber. You can also buy bigger pieces of leather and Pinatex.

Additionally you´re able to find special sales of barefoot shoes from previous seasons or general sales that we can manage to organize for you that will be offered at irresistible prices. Especially in winter we´ll be offering a bigger selection from regular barefoot shoes that you can get at a lower price.

Especially comfortable atmosphere 

Yes the main focus is the big sales rack but what´s all around it shouldn´t be overlooked as we implemented a beautiful kitchen counter made from Teak (coming from my former wardrobe) where we´ll have high-quality teas and coffees waiting for you. But you won´t only find delicious tea and coffee here we brew it using a Japanese coffee syphon which extracts all the flavor from the coffee and gives it a better taste. For everyone coming in on the afternoon we have a cooler filled with Waldhaus beer which is brewed in the region not far from Freiburg and as well as other cold beverages. Our big sales desk built from rustic walnut timber offers a lot of space especially for big pieces that you want to lay down and placed in the center of the desk is our old rusty register machine which enhances the historic flair of our factory outlet.

In the front area we have a cozy sitting area furnished with an old French park bench, next to our old pneumatic dispatch system is another shelve filled with rare barefoot shoes and special sales offers. On the right side of our big sales desk we have a huge butcher shelve made from aluminum on which we display our whole range of laces including different lengths and colour patterns. Of course we have a cozy outside area with our old and beautiful awning a robust bench made from walnut timber with a small patch of forest starting nearby so that during the summer the trees provide some shade where you can relax.

Mistakes can happen where humans are at work

You weren´t attentive for a short moment or accidentally did a wrong move on the milling or the punching machine or did a mistake in our gluing room. This can happen and the stock that was subject to these mistakes is also offered in our factory outlet. Sometimes the mistakes aren´t even on our side but on the side of our suppliers, take leather as an example it is a natural product and not all leathers are the same as some that are vegetable tanned show scars or other minor imperfections that reflect the active life of the animal it came from. Most of these pieces are harder to sell because most people are used to the perfect leather from their car´s interior or their furniture, but these aren´t natural unprocessed leathers, they have been heavily processed in order to look perfectly uniform.

That´s why we only use the best leather pieces for your sandals which we offer in our store or through our online shop but what happens to the other leather pieces? We don´t want to throw these out because of minor imperfections as it is perfectly fine to be used instead of thrown out or being recycled

We´re looking forward to your visit here

We´re completely ready now. From the beginning of April our doors will be open and if you behave well we might even allow you to take a look behind the scenes with a little tour of our manufactory to see how we produce our sandals. The main benefit of our factory outlet for you is to get perfectly fine barefoot shoes and sandals at a bargain.

Our big opening

Is going to take place on Friday the 6th of April 2019 from 10 - 18 o´clock / in the  Engesserstr. 3 in 79108 Freiburg