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New practical lacing techniques for your Chala sandals

Until now we were offering 2 basic lacing techniques for our sandals: the classic lacing and the criss-cross lacing. Both lacing techniques have their respective advantages and disadvantages in terms of their fit, longevity and look.

Although both lacing techniques are completely sufficient for most customers and their children to wear our sandals with the comfortable and secure fit on their feet there were a few ones that couldn´t use these lacing techniques as they were causing them problems – but this is going to change now.

In order to fit well on your feet, to give you that comfortable and secure fit no matter where you are and to allow you to customize your own sandals according to your individual style we´re going to show you 4 more lacing technqiues.

Criss-cross lacing more durable

The criss-cross lacing is the favorite choice for many of our female customers because it looks good and is a real eye-magnet either with some accessories like pearls or completely without just by wearing them on your feet.

But the criss-cross lacing has a disadvantage: the lace had to be placed under your sandal´s sole which would make it easier to rub it off by walking in a short period of time with every step you make which led oftentimes to the lace ripping apart after only a few months – which is especially unfortunate when you don´t have a spare pair of laces or are anywhere near a store to get some.

Also until now you needed for the criss-cross lacing a lace without a knot, so it wasn´t possible to simply switch between the classic lacing technique and the criss-cross lacing as the classic lacing technique required a knot in the lace. This means that you had to have a pair of laces for each lacing technique so far.

But this problem has been solved now as you can simply take the same lace you use for the classic lacing and use it for the criss-cross lacing and easily switch back and forth between them. In this short video clip I´m showing you how can use this new lacing technique in no time:


No more slipping heelband anymore

It doesn´t matter which lacing technique you have tried so far or how tight you made it the heelband was constantly slipping off your heel?

Mostly children have this issue as their foot´s shape isn’t fully developed yet and the lace can´t really hold onto their heel as it would on an adult´s heel. Also you can´t tighten the lace on a childen´s foot as much as you could on the foot of an adult.

So in the end the lace slips off your childen´s heel and the sandals fly off its feet. But for this problem we have a solution too as you can use this simple lacing technique to ensure the secure fit of the sandal around the ankle. Your child won´t be interrupted in its adventures anymore and if your heelband slips off then this lacing technique is the also a great option for you not to be bothered by your slipping heelband anymore. Here is the instruction video on how to tie this lacing technique:


Secure lacing for stronger fit

This lacing technique the choice for everyone that wants to wear their sandals in more challenging conditions where you need a secure and tight fit of your sandals to lower the risk of slipping and injury. In order to get securely to your destination your feet and your sandals should be inseparable and that´s what you achieve by using this lacing technique.

With this lacing technique it´s almost as if your sandals are tightly glued to your feet (as you can see in this instruction video it was hard for me to even get my sandals off my feet, although the laces were as tight as they are with the classic lacing technique).

I recommend this lacing especially for the use on more challenging tracks with your Chala Run for example:

Best adjustability for maximum wearing comfort

Do you get uncomfortable pressure points on your feet from the laces then you can use this lacing technique to avoid that from happening anymore.

With this lacing technique you not only prevent to get these uncomfortable pressure points it also makes putting your sandals on and off a lot easier.

Additionally you can use it similar to the criss-cross lacing to have the laces go around your feet and legs as you like to create your own individual style.