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Huge store expansion of our store in Berlin!

Chala floor size doubles by 18sqm

The results of the last season made us think positively. A lot of feedback was very positive. Our store has also gotten excellent reviews, thank you so much for that ;) On the other hand we also got some complaints about the store being too crowded or that you had to wait for too long for your consultation regarding our Chala sandals. In some cases during the summer months there were some customers that had to wait up to 1 hour to get their sandals on their feet.

This is over from now on!

We substantially increased the floor size of our store in Berlin, especially our Chala area has been increased by 18 sqm, which makes it double the size as the years before. What did we change in the last weeks? The most important aspect for an individual product is clearly that we have to be able to customize your sandals quickly according to your unique foot shape and wishes. And for exactly that purpose we increased our store area. Last year we added a punching table so that one employee is able to finish a pair of sandals. Now we added two big work benches at which two employees are able to work on your sandals simultaneously. This means that we increased the working speed 4 times, which allows us to work much faster on your sandals during rush hours because 4 employees are able to work on the sandals at the same time. You´re not only going to get your sandals much faster on your feet but also get a better consultation from our employees.

2 big working benches

We didn´t just add the big working benches, we also doubled our stock of our sandals. When before there were 4 shelves full with our sandals there are now 8. This will ensure that we will have each of our models available in all sizes at all times which gets us a big step closer to our goal to never get “out of stock” as with the 8 shelves we are now at 1200 pairs of sandals.

8 Silver Fir stools + 4 Footbaths

We also doubled our seating capacities by double the amount as before we only had 4 comfortable silver fir stools we now have a total of 8 plus 4 additional foot baths which means that we can easily serve 8-12 customers at the same time. This ensures that even on stressful days we can serve you in a calm and relaxed manner.  But also our classic barefoot store section was increased by a few sqm as we increased our sales floor by 1 more room and introduced many new well known barefoot shoe brands into our range as for example BElenka, XEROshoes or Affenzahn, which will also get their own section on the floor.

From now on we have summer opening times!

We´re excitedly waiting for your arrival in our store as from Monday on we´re going to have opened, Monday to Saturday from 12-19 o´clock.