Snow & Sleeds kit for OverShoe Light

With this you can add a snow kit to your OverShoe Light

The Snow & Sleds kit is an optional extension for the OverShoe Light. If you buy this kit as an option, your OverShoe Light will have two small metal straps sewn into the side and a sturdy additional strap, which is threaded through the additional sewn-up hole in the toe cap and through the metal loops in the arch and fixed with strong adhesive Velcro. It expands the possibilities of our simple OverShoe Light immensely, which is then ideal for long snow hikes, sledding or any activity in the snow. The kit helps to ensure that the OverShoe Light cap can no longer slip in the snow, thanks to the stiff triangular connection, it is optimally fixed and can even go steeply uphill, even with heavy running loads, and no longer slip down.

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  • SW10049