Classic First Edition

Minimalist barefoot sandals in the traditional Huarache style, the first ones we developed in 2012. Available in two widths, made from fine smooth or suede Black Forest farm leather

The Classic First Edition is the most original and minimal barefoot sandal. It was the first barefoot sandal that we developed in 2012. We have remained true to the idea from back then of gluing a thin piece of leather to a very thin sheet of natural rubber to this day. We have hardly changed this product over the last few years because it is so minimal and simple, simply perfect. We have only increased the leather quality with the current update to the First Edition. The Classic First Edition is no longer produced with half skin, also known as split leather, but rather from our highest quality Black Forest farm leather, namely from the entire cowhide. For this reason there is more variety for you, you can choose between smooth, suede, slim - and wide. The barefoot feeling is world class and the durability is surprisingly good. The heat sealed button under the sole can last for years. With the right lacing method, the popular Huarache sandals are a perfect and faithful companion for every day in summer. The delivery takes place in a very high quality organic cotton gym bag.

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The most original of all barefoot and Huarache sandals




3.9mm thick 2 layer sandal

Our very sustainable adhesive process is also used for our popular classics with the two-layer sole. We glue the highest quality of all leather, our Schwarzwaldhof leather, under perfect, even atmospheric pressure and with solvent-free, water-based adhesive. The special thing is that we collected the leather ourselves from small farms in the Freiburg region and the surrounding area, with precise proof of farm origin. The amount of leather is rare, varies and is subject to strong seasonal fluctuations. A lot of effort, manual work and craftsmanship goes into this. The leather is very laboriously tanned using purely vegetable methods over many weeks, after which it is drummed softly for hours and wax-finished again. This gives it a special feel and great softness; it is the most sustainable and understandable thing we can currently offer. The beauty of the wonderful leather is that you can choose which side you want to feel on your feet. It also supports the optimal flexibility of the sole, with the classic Vibram® Crepe sole, which is a simple everyday sole with lots of natural rubber, you have good grip on wet or slippery surfaces. These soles in different leather colors can be combined with a pair of laces to create a complete pair of sandals. Huarache sandals are the traditional footwear of the Tarahumara Indians of Mexico. But Huaraches are also becoming increasingly popular among barefoot runners in the USA. We are proud to be one of the first providers to offer you real Huarache sandals from our own production since 2012. Huarache Sandals are characterized by a very thin and flexible sole made of natural rubber and vegetable-tanned leather, some of which is hand-tanned. This makes them our most minimalist barefoot sandals. If the finished Classic First Edition doesn't quite match your foot shape, you can even adjust it yourself.

Classic, simple and can be combined in many colors

We have a very large selection of shoelaces in stock, make your sandal your personal unique piece. Our high-quality shoelaces are made especially for our sandals, they have a very high stretch content and are made of robust nylon timbrelle. This makes them very comfortable to wear and long lasting. The classic shoelaces are 0.7 mm thick and are very comfortable to wear. The high stretch content prevents chafing on the toe band and, with optimal lacing, holds the foot very well on the sandal. The best thing is that you can change the shoelace and change the color at any time. For longer distances or sporty running, we recommend taking 1-2 spare laces with you; depending on your running style, the shoelace knot may sometimes become untied.

High-quality soles from the Vibram® brand

The total sole thickness of the Vibram®Crepe soles is only 1.8 mm. Vibram® uses a lower proportion of natural rubber and more synthetic polymers, making the sole slightly stiffer. But that's exactly what we need with all thin Classic First Edition models, because otherwise the soles would fold forward and it would make "flopping" noises when walking. The durability is quite good despite the synthetic polymer, so the crepe usually lasts longer than the leather, but at least two strong summers.

Handmade and regional

Like all of our products, the Classic First Edition is lovingly manufactured in our production facility in Freiburg. It is a lovingly handcrafted barefoot sandal using fur collected from small farms in the Freiburg region. These sandals are long-lasting, with regular care they will definitely last 2-3 summers.