Chala Classic

For your everyday life, our classic and very minimal barefoot sandal with a comfortable leather sole, in two widths, different thicknesses and traditional huarache lacing.

Large adhesive process update, the popular classic models will also get a freshness cure in 2020. Here you find the whole selection of our high-quality Chala Classic models. There are 4 unique models that differ in their respective thickness. Our Classic Thin model was our first barefoot sandal model ever. This is our iconic model and it has proven itself since the opening of our manufactory which is why we have never changed it. This model is only 3,6mm thick. Our Classic Thick model only differs in the thickness of the upper layer made of high-quality leather. This model is 5,5mm thick. With Smooth Leather as the material for the upper layer we reach a thickness of 4,8mm but at the same time the sole is sturdier than the other models because the smooth leather is less flexible. Our popular Berlin Edition is available in black or white. We use another sole still made of natural rubber but a bit thinner so you can wear it in your daily life and the city and on even more fashionable occasions like weddings. With only 3,3mm thickness this is the thinnest barefoot sandal in our selection. The delivery takes place in a very high quality organic cotton gym bag.

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The classic in many different versions



3,3mm – 5,5mm sandals with 2 strong layers

We have also changed the entire gluing process for our popular classics with the two-layer sole, now gluing is carried out with solvent-free, water-based glue under perfect even atmospheric pressure. This creates optimal flexibility of the sole, is much more sustainable, the adhesive performance is significantly increased and clearly reduces rejects and possible wrong productions. For our Classic Thin and Berlin Edition models we use a robust and vegetable tanned veil hide for the upper layer which is extremely soft to the touch and very comfortable to wear on your feet. The leather is treated to endure at least 3-4 summers of daily wear and offers you a great barefoot-feeling through their thin sole. Our Classic Thick and Smooth Leather models are equipped with a hiqh-quality vegetable tanned hide which is extremely durable (at least 4-5 summers) and gives your feet more protection. With the proven Crepe sole and our plain Everyday sole you get a secure grip on wet or slippery surfaces because of its high content of natural rubber. You simply chose a pair of laces together with our soles and tie them together to your own unique pair of traditional Huarache sandals. Huarache sandals are the traditional footwear of the Tarahumara natives in Mexico which are becoming an ever more popular choice for barefoot runners in the USA. We are proud to be able to offer our popular Huarache sandals which stand out by being handmade in our manufactory in Germany and their extremely thin and flexible natural rubber sole and vegetable tanned hide. That makes them the most minimalistic barefoot shoes. If the Chala doesn´t exactly fit to your feet you are able to simply customize them yourself.

Classic, plain and you can combine them in many colours

We have a huge selection of laces with which you can create your very own set of unique Chalas. Our high-quality laces are being produced especially for us by a small and local supplier. For a great wearing comfort and longer durability they have a high number of stretchable fibers and are made of a robust Nylon coating.

Durable laces with a Nylon coating

The classic laces are 0,7mm thick which gives them a very comfortable feeling on your feet. Through the high number of stretchable fibers we avoid that the laces rub between your toes and at the same time they hold your feet perfectly on your sandal if you tie them tight enough. You can always swap the laces and by doing so easily change the colour as you like. For longer distances (20-80km) we recommend that you take 1 or 2 extra pairs of laces just in case because the knot underneath the sole could be worn off sooner or later depending on your walking style and the terrain you are walking in.

They are water-repellent

Our Classic models are not harmed by rain and are suitable for everyday use (usually from march to november). They can also become wet or you can clean them by using a wet rag. Only permanent exposure to flowing water is problematic and can cause damage.