Chala Antique 2.0

Are noble leather barefoot sandals, with a sophisticated and easily adjustable leather or nylon stretch lace lacing system. They are the perfect companion in everyday life, in the city and accompany you everywhere.

Now it's here, the new Antique 2.0. Since the beginning of the year we had announced the revision or the major expansion of our top-selling Antique model! From now on it is available from us. It is now available in four beautiful variants. Leather in particular is now available in the colors beige (previously light brown), Sudan brown (previously dark brown) and finally all black. But not only the colors and variants have been revised, we have carried out a complete change of leather and adhesive, and also processed a smaller Chala® button with 13mm specially made for the soles. The new Antique 2.0 is now made from our fine court leather and is therefore even softer and more flexible on the foot. In order to ensure a certain basic strength, which is needed for every sandal, including barefoot sandals, we used a water-based spray adhesive that has a slightly higher final strength. Finally, the Antique is also available as a vegan version. The enlargement was important and also necessary. We were asked again and again with this model whether we could do it as a vegan version!? On request, we were also happy to do this for our customers. Finally the new vegan version in black is available for everyone. The delivery takes place in a very high-quality organic cotton gym bag.

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  • SW10012

High-quality court or faux leather for excellent comfort



6.0mm or 5.4mm sole thickness, 2 high-quality layers

The popular Antique model has been expanded to include the new Antique 2.0 model. Here we have made a complete change of leather and outer fabric. The new footbed material now also consists of our fine Freiburg court leather, which we collected ourselves and had our trusted tanner tan purely vegetable. The new vegan variant is made of high-quality synthetic leather from On Micro®, which is very comfortable to wear, withstands constant stress and contains no toxins, as it is manufactured according to the Öko-Tex 100 standard. The new Antique 2.0 has its own 13mm Chala® button. Now the sole no longer has to be milled quite as deep, the risk of the button protruding beyond the sole is very low, so there are no problems with the ball of the foot and there are fewer rejects in our factory. The sole thicknesses vary minimally, the Hof leather variants are 6mm thick and the vegan variant is 5.4mm thick. The BF leather and also the artificial leather have a beautiful look and become more and more beautiful over time and get their very own patina. With the Vibram® ECO Crepe (Recycled) compact sole you have even more grip, even if it gets wet or slippery in the city, the high proportion of natural rubber is ideal and makes these barefoot sandals extra durable.

Sophisticated and easily adjustable leather or nylon stretch laces lacing system

The newly developed antique lacing system keeps your foot optimally on the barefoot sole. Just slip them on and put on the bridge in the middle of the foot. A little tip for the leather versions, as the leather straps can give way over time, simply tighten everything a little and re-knot at the heel. This Chala Antique 2.0 sandal is also made with our aqua-based glue, i.e. no solvents or strong odors, our sandal smells like it should smell, neutral.

Ideal for everyday life and in the city

The simple color combination of the beautiful brown and black tones with the natural look of the high-quality rubber sole makes the sandal also suitable for more chic occasions. Beautiful look, simple design and a lot of barefoot feeling.

Handmade and regional

Like all our products, the Antique collection is also lovingly made in our production facility in Freiburg. It is a lovingly handcrafted barefoot sandal, where own fur collected from small farms in the Freiburg region is used, the microfleece imitation leather is sourced from Spain. These sandals are durable, with regular care they will definitely last 3-5 summers.