Arch system tape replacement for OverShoe

Arch system tape replacement for OverShoe

Should it break, there is a sturdy replacement here

The vault system tape has the function of fixing the OverShoe Light even better to the edge of the sole and thus creating an optimal sole closure. In principle, the vault is the least in contact with the ground with every occurrence, which we know very well from our sandals and also our shoes. Even after years you can see very little abrasion, sometimes even the lettering of the model name on the sandals. This is because the arch only comes into contact with the ground for a very short time or not at all, and the foot also has a natural preload. As a precaution, we have also reinforced the system tape with a special TPU reinforcement, so it is even more stable. Should it break after 1-2 years, you can now buy this item from us for little money.  Material: 50% polyester, TPU 25%, elastane 25% Color: Black


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  • SW10040